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Graphing the Tide vs. Georgia, again (2021-22 National Championship Game)

Close, but lost in the margins

Graphing the Tide vs. Cincinnati (CFP 2021 Semifinal): They ran, and ran

Well, we finally got our #RTDB

Graphing the Tide vs. Georgia: long bombs, turnovers, and critical situations

Georgia won out on efficiency, but lost on key plays

Graphing the Tide vs. Auburn: all of the graphs, but nothing makes sense.

This was crazy. Let’s just look at all of it.

Graphing the Tide vs. Arkansas: Lots of offense (some of it good)

The pigs played hard, but not quite well enough

All the Graphs from Alabama vs. Arkansas

Being back to SEC play means more nuanced graphs

Graphing the Tide (briefly) vs. New Mexico State: A mostly-refreshing blowout

Just a few looks into a routine cupcake game.

All the Graphs from Alabama vs. New Mexico State

Mmmmm cupcakes.

Graphing the Tide vs. LSU: Late downs, 3rd quarters, and Passing

At least it’s better than the mess it appeared to be

All the Graphs from Alabama vs. LSU

Some testy graphs from this garbage game

Graphing the Tide vs. Tennessee: Close for comfort, and the 3rd downs linger

We’ve got some persistent data storylines this season

All the Graphs from Alabama vs. Tennessee

The margins were closer here than on the scoreboard

Graphing the Tide at Mississippi State: 3rd quarters, 3rd downs, and 3 SEC contenders

Lots of 3’s this week

All the Graphs from Alabama at Miss State

Now that’s more like it

Graphing the Tide at Texas A&M: 1Q, Red Zones, and RTDB


All the Graphs from Alabama vs. Texas A&M

All of the graphs from this terrible game

Graphing the Tide vs. Ole Miss: B-Rob, Explosiveness, and More

The charts don’t waffle on the winner here.

All the Graphs from Alabama vs. Ole Miss

One of these teams had an explosive game. One.

Graphing the Tide vs. Southern Miss: Finally, Really, Better

Let’s keep it simple for this one

All the Graphs from Alabama vs. Southern Miss

Decisive graphs from a decisive win!

Graphing the Tide vs. Florida: explosiveness, critical situations, and rushing

The Tide won out on efficiency, but almost lost on explosiveness

All the Graphs from Alabama at Florida

Lots of action from both offenses

Graphing the Tide vs. Mercer: Sluggish Starts, iffy passing, and some Ducks

The Tide picked a good time to slip a bit

All the Graphs from Alabama vs. Mercer

Some struggle-ish graphs for a struggle-ish game

All the Graphs from Alabama vs. Miami

Few surprises, some relief, and the story continues

Graphing the Tide vs. Miami: passing, 3rd downs, and continued stomping

The new look is still a good look

Can Nick Saban Become the Win Total King?

It’s not as crazy as you may think.

Roll ‘Bama Roll Reading Room: The Stats Game

Surprising, but not in a good way.

Sunday Morning Hangover: Moar Alabama Football Stats

Alabama’s prolific offense lit up scoreboards in 2020-21.

16 “Decisive Once Again” Graphs from the National Title win

This time around, the play by play metrics line up with the scoreboard.

All the Graphs from Bama’s 2020 Championship win

Here’s one final graphing of this amazing 2020 Bama team

12 “ho-hum” Graphs from Alabama vs Notre Dame

This one went roughly by the book


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